Wednesday and Thursday night were both spent at Webster Hall. I found out the venue was closing down through flyer promotion of these two events and I'm glad that I got to go back and be apart of its last few moments. Wednesday I attended a 2000's party hosted by friends of mine and 070 Day on Thursday. 


Both were a really great time. The party brought great music and energy which is the most important factor, whether its a party of 10 or a party of 500. 070 Day was amazing as well. I hadn't heard too much of the group's music beforehand, so when Julz texted me to shoot Shake for my documentary series I jumped at the offer. The show was amazing. The members in group are equally passionate and driven to make their dreams a reality and it's really amazing to witness. I'm glad this show had a huge turnout! And what was cooler was that Tyler The Creator, Kali Uchis, A$AP Rocky, and Frank Ocean were downstairs turning up for Webster Hall as well! 

PS: My camera got stolen at this concert after I had given it to one of the group members to hold. Until everything is replaced I'm going through each day, staying patient and going about it despite the lack of my equipment. Even though I lost footage from my SD, I'm not crazy stressed. This a minor setback for a major comeback. 

I used a disposable camera for the concert! Photos coming soon!