It has sort of like a thick consistency

I have my new years resolution in a picture in a frame sitting on my bed top.  A lot of the bullet points I've hit and still am hitting, other ones can be improved on still.

Something I want to work on is consistency. I'd like to be more consistent in communication and conversation with friends. I'd like to be more consistent with the video work I put out there. I'd like to be more consistent with the series I begin. I'd like to be more consistent in my walk with God. 


Overall, there are a lot of things I'd like to work on with myself. Consistency is everything honestly. If an individual is consistent and persistent, he/she would get the most benefit out of what she/he is trying to do. I get so caught up comparing and looking at everyone else that I tend to look at myself and what I'm doing as the bare minimum // not enough, which then makes me drop what I'm doing and start doing something I see as "MORE" or more eye catching.


I also focus on the people that aren't currently watching me and the numbers that drop on my social media pages. I wonder how can I be noticed / get to a certain level in the career path I want to be in to a point that I forget about the many individuals watching my every move and looking up to me for their inspiration. Consistency is most definitely something I will push myself in these areas to keep more, so that this new behavior changes into habits.


Its really important to have these moments with yourself. Understand and love your progress, but at the same time understand your faults and the areas in yourself that can be improved on. And even after understanding what needs to be improved, think how can I make those changes? What should I be doing differently right now? How do I go about tomorrow? 

I know what to do. 

It just takes doing it. 

Change the way you look at yourself. Change the way you look at something. Change the way you go about things. Make improvements and be consistent. It will surely pay off in time.