Honestly this last week wasn't my best. It for sure was interesting though. A mixture of good and bad. Saturday I got into an altercation with a guy at a party who was harassing me for over 30 minutes which resulted a big blow up, a verbal argument, drunk apologies and my sister attacking me in complete misunderstanding as if I was the wrong one. Her and I didn't speak for 2 weeks after that night.  

I got fired from PAPER Magazine on Thursday.

Despite how it sounds, I was really happy about it. I honestly didn't enjoy my time there. I had gone in as an intern for Video Production. It was a very relaxed environment filled with many workers who didn't care for the intern's presence unless they were working under them. Beautiful. A true magazine environment. I was given really easy work, it was a really easy internship under a great name to put in my resume.  The reason I didn't enjoy it though, was because it was too easy. I always felt as if I was wasting my time. I'd come into the office, and many of the time they wouldn't have enough work to fill up the 6 hr shift time with. If I wasn't handed work extremely late in the day, I was given really easy work that would take about an hour to complete and would wait over 1-2 hours to be checked. If I didn't have my own thing going on I'd literally be twiddling my thumbs for hours. 

To be continued, I'm smacked right now and I need to come back to this.