I developed this page in effort to "put people on" or show people videos I've seen that I've considered beautifully and creatively orchestrated. I have an admiration for well put media which includes music videos with great concepts, promotional ads, or even funny videos which has an amazing editing style. It all too often gets overlooked and under appreciated. If you have videos you would like me to check out be sure to send them my way!  


The creative direction and composition of this video is one of the best ones I've seen in a long time. Zara is one of my favorite brands and to see them put out such beautiful aesthetically pleasing campaign moved me in an incredible way.

SHORT FILM: Chance The Rapper stars in short film entitled "Make Happy"

When I saw the 30 minute mark, I automatically added this video to "Watch Later" playlist on youtube. A few days later if not a week afterwards, I found myself procrastinating and decided to watch this video. This is an incredible short film. A must see. 

INTERVIEW: SITA for Highsnobiety

This interview style was amazing and engaging. It was an interesting watch for sure!

MUSIC VIDEO: Orion's Belt - Sabrina Claudio 

Sabrina is an amazing music artist who knows how to hit the mark when it comes to production team choice and video concept. This was an amazing song that gave me shivers in itself. The chosen location and the shots filled with perfectly placed lighting and the play with prisms/glasses against sunlight created a video as powerful as the song. 

SHORT FILM: Keep Sailing - Directed by Petra F. Collins

Petra has a way of directing that you just know it is her work. I love how Darnell's story was told through this concept. 

SHORT FILM: Keep Sailing - Directed by Petra F. Collins

Petra has a way of directing that you just know it is her work. I love how Darnell's story was told through this concept. 

VLOG: Dear 2015 - Claire Mashall

Claire Marshall has to be my favorite Youtuber. Each video is done as uniquely as possible. She definitely stands out from any other blogger out there. This video is an example of her editing work. 

COMEDY: Key and Peele

Bo Burnham takes the cake as my top stand up comedian. However Key and Peele wins as top comedy show. This video showcases one of my favorites, however their nature allows them to play many types of characters in each skit and I love how versatile they are.

FASHION SHOW: Tyler The Creator shows off creative direction in GOLF SS16 show

Outside of music, Tyler the Creator's work when it came to fashion and videos has always been incredible to me. He continually thinks outside the box in everything he does. He debuted this fashion show when he launched his collection for SS16.  


I came across Julz Goddard through social media then through Youtube. She is a brand influencer, event promoter, a host, an A&R, and a publicist - a billion things in one. Finding any woman who is passionate in a creative industry is always extremely refreshing for me. After following her for some time I stumbled upon this interview which gave insight to her past and everything she was doing, and advice to young creators like I. She is an amazing person and I hope she continues to blossom. Get to know Julz.

MUSIC VIDEO: WTF - Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot is a timeless figure. She is the only one who can come back nearly a decade later and still make a hit embracing her trademark, the jumpsuit. This video was incredibly energetic and vibrant. The first day it dropped I found myself playing it over and over. I love the direction behind this video. 


I've been following Micah for a long time now. She was a crazy influence for me back in high school and its amazing to see what she became!

MUSIC VIDEO: Breezeblocks - alt-J 

This video left me speechless. I can not count the amount of times I have watched this video simply because of the way it was shot. I love how the story was played backwards telling viewers you cant make assumptions without knowing the whole story.

SHORT FILM: On My Mind TIME - Christian Lanza

I would upload all of Lanza's videos if I didn't stress variety. I love watching his videos, observing his story telling skills and the way everything is shot. He never stops creating pure master pieces. He is definitely someone everyone should check out. 

VLOG: A Film Story II

Alyssa Lau has a exquisite editing style and knows how to create enthralling content. I love watching everything she creates. 

VLOG - Jay Alvarrez

This guy inspired me to make the summer series I did for Summer 2016. This was an awesome watch simply because it showed a guy living the hell out of his life - making the most of everyday. On top of that, it was edited in an fun engaging way. I loved watching. Check out his other adventurous videos as well! 

INTERVIEW: Blake Lively for Vogue

This interview style is random and unique. I loved how Vogue went about this. Check out Blake Lively and many others in 73 Questions series on Youtube. 

FASHION CAMPAIGN: Missguided - Babes on the run

This video was created to show off Missguided's new line of clothing. It was done in a creative style and I love the fun California Summer vibe that it screamed! 

SHORT FILM: Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne star in "Reincarnation", a film by Karl Lagerfeld 

Karl Lagerfeld has played an amazing role in the fashion industry for decades. 

VIDEO: Our Open Relationship - Shan Boody

I came across Shannon's channel recently due to this video. Although many people do not support her way of living, I completely understood and respected her and her partner's relationship views. While scrolling through her videos I learned she was a sexologist and offered amazing information for women across the globe. She has an amazing story and turned her situations into her profession, helping feminines everywhere. She has an amazing channel. Tune into Shannon.

COMEDY - what - Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham would have to be my favorite comedian. Both "what" and "Make Happy" (a newer comedy show performed in New York in 2016) can never get old. With a very planned out performance, Bo does an amazing stand up comedy show, incorporating the reality of life tp make a point to the people. 


Watching this in 2016 hit home for me. Every year we, I included, grow more and more dependent on our phones, rely on social media notifications to feel good, and live our lives as a performer for an audience. It's a sad reality. This video addresses that issue and speaks on it in spoken word. It's refreshing. 

MUSIC VIDEO: Tamale - Tyler The Creator 

Tyler the Creator directs most (if not all) videos he puts out. Here's one of the many marvelous music videos he has created!